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Protect Your Privacy

The need for business professionals to separate and protect their personal lives from their public-facing personas is more important than ever.


There are many different types of threat actors that can compromise a person's privacy and safety. Internet trolls, online abusers, disgruntled employees, scammers and criminals are threats that are all too real in today's hyper-connected world.

We work directly with our clients -- often CEOs, Board members, senior leadership and managers, and staff -- to protect their career, their home and family, and other important aspects of their lives while still maintaining outward-facing business and public personas.

We recognize that each person's privacy requirements are unique and work closely with our client to address their specific concerns and requirements.

Several of the groundwork strategies we recommend -- and which we help activate -- have been documented in our book 

Personal Privacy for Professionals

by Daniel Farber Huang and Theresa Menders.

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