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Increase Profits

Our job is to help make your company’s key functions, including Business Development, Strategic Resources, Cost Reduction, and Finance Facilities, as effective as possible so more of the dollars you generate flow to your bottom line instead of leaking away due to hidden inefficiencies.

Business Development

We have hands-on experience growing profitable sales for manufacturers, having successfully built and led traditional sales teams as well as social media penetration, procurement contracts, and dealer + distribution networks.

Strategic Resources

When you feel the time is right for your company, we will work with you on realizing transformational

changes, including mergers + acquisitions, strategic partnerships, investment capital, critical negotiations and other issues unique to your business.

Cost Reduction Analysis

Working on a contingency basis to maximize your cash savings, we analyze all aspects of your business overhead, including:

1.   Administrative Expenses

2.   Insurance Costs

3.   Human Resources Administration Costs

4.   Finance + Accounting Costs

5.   Marketing + Advertising Expenses

6.   Telecommunications Expenses

7.   Merchant Services Fees

8.   Property + Utility Costs

9.   Waste Costs, Freight Costs

10. Other Operational Areas

Finance Facilities

We use our distinctive combination of industry and corporate finance expertise to evaluate your existing finance facilities and, if needed, help make your company more competitive.  We can evaluate more efficient funding including traditional bank debt, SBA-insured loans and purchase order financing.

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